Car Sanitization

Thanks to the experience gained in car care and cleaning services, the Garage Centrale Roma is able to offer the sanitization service for car interiors. We can say that a car is sanitized and sanitized if the passenger compartment and air ducts are free of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and unpleasant odors. Thanks to the disinfectant action of our products and without using chemical and allergenic substances, the interior of your car and the ventilation ducts will be effectively sanitized in a short time.

Choose our car sanitization procedure for a deep, effective and ecological cleaning. Our service includes:

  • Internal extraction of dust and visible dirt
  • Washing of all internal surfaces with sanitizing products
  • Internal disinfection with nebulizing medical product
  • Disinfection of climate system ducts

The sanitization and sanitization treatment has various advantages for you and your car. Below is a short list:

  • Safety: in the presence of allergies, sanitization is also a valid ally against pollen and mites. Sanitization is absolutely ecological and is carried out without chemicals and allergenic substances
  • Fights bad odors: neutralizes bad odors caused by smoking or frequent travel with pets
  • Short times: in just under an hour you can go back to driving a healthy and sterilized car, free from mould, fungi, bacteria, protecting your health and that of those you care about

The treatment for your car can be booked by calling 06 39750140 or by writing to the email address